PROJECT 52 – Week 34

Šjor Tomo
During my stay in Vrboska (Hvar island) I took a lot of photos.
One fine morning, I went out of the house, where my girfriend and I were staying, and was heading to take some shots of the Church which was located on a small uplift above the town of Vrboska. While I was shooting photos with my faithful Oly, a bearded man called me inside one of the houses in vicinity of that church.
When I came in, he sad to me: ”Go ahead, take a few photos, this should be interesting to you.”
He said that his name was šjor Tomo, knitter and fixer of fishing nets.
The surroundings inside this room was colorful. Lots of fishing nets spread around, and on the walls were pictures and posters of players from HAJDUK, football club from Split
A whole history of this famous Croatian club was shown on these walls.
He said to me that he was a great fan of Hajduk.
As the sign on the wooden pillar says:
(Šjor Tomo – Ribar, meštar od mriž – Hajdukovac),
Šjor Tomo was doing this job (knitting and repairing fishing nets), and fishermen from Vrboska and whole island of Hvar were coming to him for more than 40 years.
Very amusing and vivid man, a real historical example of this place.
I said to him: ”Šjor Tomo, can I ask you to stand by your nets, so that I could take a shot?”
”No problem” – Tomo said to me, with a smile.
So there you go, a small story behind this photo. 🙂


PROJECT 52 – Week 33

Upside Down
During my stay in Vrboska – Hvar, I had seen some beautiful reflexions of old town houses and peaceful sea water, so my plan was to shoot one for my project 52. Among couple nice ones, I selected this photo. I hope you like reflexions like I do.