PROJECT 52 – Week 40

Autumn Colors
Autumn 2013, at our front door. What can I say, one of my favorite season of the year, because of its wonderful colors (yellow, red, brown leafs, with green meadows). During my weekend trip to Kiseljak and Sarajevo, I took this photo in park which was located in the centre of Kiseljak. I wanted to do some closeup of autumn leaf with neutral an clean color (in this case it was green from the grass in the park).

Hope you like it 🙂

Write your thoughts and comments, I would like to hear (I mean read) them.

Cheers, ’till next week


PROJECT 52 – Week 36

Feel Free to Enter
These green doors, which are in fact the entrance to an small and old church located in small Dalmatian town Brela, got my attention because of it’s simplicity and shadows.
It’s like green color is telling us, that God is open to everyone, and is waiting for us patiently.
I just love old wooden doors (and windows) on old stone Dalmatian houses.
I hope that the photo is interesting to you too. 😉

PROJECT 52 – Week 30

Hidden in the Woods
Another long exposure from me to you.
Location, Pec-Mlini, beautiful place about 10-15 kilometers west from Ljubuski.

PROJECT 52 – Week 28

Heart of Borak
Located about 2 kilometers from my apartment (in Siroki Brijeg – Hercegovina), lies Borak, a place with numerous water springs which make river Listica.
This place is inspiration for a lot of my long exposure photographs.

PROJECT 52 – Week 27

the Rose of Assisi
I took this photo during my pilgrimage in Italy (Padua, Rome, Assisi). When we came to the birth place of Saint Francis of Assisi, it was love at first sight. Beautiful town located on a hill, with beautiful stone streets and houses. Paradise for photographers. In this photo you can see The Papal Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, with rose in frontal plan.

PROJECT 52 – Week 24

Across the Baricades
After rain came the snail 🙂
This was a Macro tryout with my raynox lens mounted on my 40-150mm lens.
I took a shot of this amusing snail with its house, slowly moving across this green cactus.

PROJECT 52 – Week 17

Colors of Spring
Beginning of the spring.
I took this photo on a meadow, located around 5 kilometers east of my town. We call this place ”Mostarsko Blato”