PROJECT 52 – Week 51




Taj brijeg na kojem često miruje moj pogled
dok sjedim sam u sobi! Pust je: tu ne raste ništa
Tek kamenje se golo plavi.

Mi gledamo se nijemo. Brijeg i čovjek.
Ja nikad neću znati gdje se
sastaje naš različiti smisao

Pod brijegom voda teče. I ljudi se muče radom.
Brijeg stoji, plav i visok, susjed neba.

U noći ga ne vidim. Svi smo duboko u noći
Al znadem: on je tu! Ko ćutanje je težak.

Mi rastat ćemo se tuđi jedan drugom.
Ja umrijet ću. Brijeg se neće maći,
ta plava skamenjena vječnost.


PROJECT 52 – Week 46




Photo taken at my niece’s christening day.  In the photo is my niece Vita, my Sister Ana and my brother in law Željko. 🙂

I know 🙂 the dress is too big. 😀



Shot in garbage site near the town of Grude during Eco Colony fotosafari

PROJECT 52 – Week 35

So many years of life this tree had behind him. Rings on a tree are like wrinkles on a man’s face, more you have, more wisdom you had gain. More life you had lived.

PROJECT 52 – Week 26

Prayer in Silence
Another photo from the same pilgrimage to Italy.
Location was Padua in the Pontifical Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua (Italian: Basilica Pontificia di Sant’Antonio di Padova).
We came to Padua in the morning, and came in the Basilica. I was instantly attracted by this sight that you can see on this photograph, rays of morning light breaking through windows of this great church.
Because we, as a group were in a hurry to go to service in a nearby chapel, I didn’t succeeded to take this shot. I was telling my girlfriend that a missed oportunity never returns. But she told me, while others were taking a break before morning service, that we could return inside the Basilica so i can take a shot at this beautiful sight. And so we did.
Thank you Ana-Marija for helping and believing in me. 🙂

PS: anyone who wants to find out more, you can visit this link

PROJECT 52 – Week 25

Black and White
I took this photo during my pilgrimage to Rome, Padova and Assisi in Italy.
I just love this kind of portrait photography.
Big thanks to Sister Mira and this cute small french boy.

PROJECT 52 – Week 21

Lady Artist
This is, as you can see a portrait. Portrait of my friend Kristina, who is an artist, painter. I took the photo for her portrait for one book of songs, she was illustrating. She wanted me to catch her in her creative mess.

PROJECT 52 – Week 15

Pier Tranquility
Sorry for being late with posting my photo from last week, but finaly here it is.
Again same pier with the same parasol (week 8 of the project), but this time I shot long exposure using tripod and CPL filter + ND filter. Hope you like it 🙂

PROJECT 52 – Week 11

Stone Roof detail of an Old mill in Borak, spring of river Listica. A few years ago these old mills were renovated by eco association of ZHZ (Zapadno Hercegovacka Zupanija – West Hercegovina Canton)

One Sunny day on a Pier

As the title says – one sunny day on a Pier.
Location Makarska, the umbrella skeleton looked very interesting to me, it got my attention.