PROJECT 52 – Week 40

Saint Francis
Since the beginning of this photographic project, I wanted to take a photo of this mosaic at the front of the church of Saint Peter and Paul in Kočerin (village, 10 kilometers west from Široki Brijeg). So, about month ago I decided that I should finally take a shot of saint Francis mosaic at week no. 40 of my Project 52. This photo was taken on 4th of October (st. Francis day), in honor of Saint Francis.
Now some info about this very incredible mosaic:
This is the highest mosaic in the world, with its height of 25 meters, work of professor Ante Starčević (assemblers: A. Ereš, B. Galić and V. Marušić).
For the very end here is a song that Saint Francis was singing just before he died:
1 I cry aloud to the LORD; I lift up my voice to the LORD for mercy. 2 I pour out my complaint before him; before him I tell my trouble. 3 When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who know my way. In the path where I walk men have hidden a snare for me. 4 Look to my right and see; no one is concerned for me. I have no refuge; no one cares for my life. 5 I cry to you, O LORD; I say, “You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living.” 6 Listen to my cry, for I am in desperate need; rescue me from those who pursue me, for they are too strong for me. 7 Set me free from my prison, that I may praise your name. Then the righteous will gather about me because of your goodness to me.
(Psalam 142 in croatian:
Glasno vičem Gospodu; glasno vapijem Gospodu za milost. Izlijevam pred njim tužnjavu svoju, nevolju svoju govorim pred njim. Ako i jest duh moju meni iznemogao, ti znaš stazu moju; na putu, kojim sam išao, postaviše mi zamku potajno. Pogledaj nadesno i vidi: nemam nikoga, koji pazi na me; nestade mi svakoga utočišta; nitko se ne brine za život moj. Gospode, vapijem k tebi; velim: ti si utočište moje, dio moju zemlji živih. Čuj molbu moju; jer sam posve izmoren! Izbavi me od progonitelja mojih; jer su oni meni odveć jaki. Izvedi iz tamnice dušu moju, da slavim ime tvoje! Tada će se pravednici radosno okupiti oko mene, kad mi učiniš dobro.)


PROJECT 52 – Week 39

Witness of Faith
”My revenge is forgiveness” – words of reverend Miroslav Bulešić, who was killed at the age of 27, by the hand of comunists in Lanišće (Istria-Croatia) in 24th of august 1947. He died for his faith.
This photo, triptych was made during the beatification of Miroslav Bulešić which was held in Pula (Istria – Croatia) in 28th of september in 2013.

All info about this event you can find out on this link bellow:

There are also some videos about Miro, I think that you will find them interesting:

PROJECT 52 – Week 38

Through the shrub I took photo of this wild grey horse. I was in role of an observer while the horse was eating grass.
This horse was one of almost 100 horses located on plateau called ”Bile” about 20 kilometers west from Mostar.

PROJECT 52 – Week 34

Anima Christi
(Soul of Christ)
Every year, on first sunday after the feast of ”Mala Gospa” in Medjugorje parish it is tradition to celebrate the THE EXALTATION OF THE HOLY CROSS. This year the Holy Mass was celebrated on sunday the 15th of september on Križevac hill.
So many people were on that sunday gathered around the Cross, to celebrate the Holy Mass, to ask Jesus to show them path to his Heart and Soul, how to live life according to gospel.
I called this photo ”Anima Christi” (the Soul of Christ), because most of the people are hurt and craving for Jesus to heal their souls.

Here you can read in Latin and in english an old prayer Anima Christi:

Anima Christi, sanctifica me.
Corpus Christi, salva me.
Sanguis Christi, inebria me.
Aqua lateris Christi, lava me.
Passio Christi, conforta me.
O bone Jesu, exaudi me.
Intra tua vulnera absconde me.
Ne permittas me separari a te.
Ab hoste maligno defende me.
In hora mortis meae voca me.
Et iube me venire ad te,
Ut cum Sanctis tuis laudem te.
In saecula saeculorum.


Soul of Christ, sanctify me
Body of Christ, save me
Blood of Christ, inebriate me
Water from the side of Christ, wash me
Passion of Christ, strengthen me
O good Jesus, hear me
Within Thy wounds hide me
Separated from Thee let me never be (“Permit me not to be separated from Thee”)
From the malicious enemy defend me (“From the malignant enemy defend me”)
In the hour of my death call me
And bid me come unto Thee
That I may praise Thee with Thy saints (“That with thy Saints I may praise Thee”)
Forever and ever

PROJECT 52 – Week 36

Feel Free to Enter
These green doors, which are in fact the entrance to an small and old church located in small Dalmatian town Brela, got my attention because of it’s simplicity and shadows.
It’s like green color is telling us, that God is open to everyone, and is waiting for us patiently.
I just love old wooden doors (and windows) on old stone Dalmatian houses.
I hope that the photo is interesting to you too. 😉

PROJECT 52 – Week 35

So many years of life this tree had behind him. Rings on a tree are like wrinkles on a man’s face, more you have, more wisdom you had gain. More life you had lived.

PROJECT 52 – Week 34

Šjor Tomo
During my stay in Vrboska (Hvar island) I took a lot of photos.
One fine morning, I went out of the house, where my girfriend and I were staying, and was heading to take some shots of the Church which was located on a small uplift above the town of Vrboska. While I was shooting photos with my faithful Oly, a bearded man called me inside one of the houses in vicinity of that church.
When I came in, he sad to me: ”Go ahead, take a few photos, this should be interesting to you.”
He said that his name was šjor Tomo, knitter and fixer of fishing nets.
The surroundings inside this room was colorful. Lots of fishing nets spread around, and on the walls were pictures and posters of players from HAJDUK, football club from Split
A whole history of this famous Croatian club was shown on these walls.
He said to me that he was a great fan of Hajduk.
As the sign on the wooden pillar says:
(Šjor Tomo – Ribar, meštar od mriž – Hajdukovac),
Šjor Tomo was doing this job (knitting and repairing fishing nets), and fishermen from Vrboska and whole island of Hvar were coming to him for more than 40 years.
Very amusing and vivid man, a real historical example of this place.
I said to him: ”Šjor Tomo, can I ask you to stand by your nets, so that I could take a shot?”
”No problem” – Tomo said to me, with a smile.
So there you go, a small story behind this photo. 🙂

PROJECT 52 – Week 33

Upside Down
During my stay in Vrboska – Hvar, I had seen some beautiful reflexions of old town houses and peaceful sea water, so my plan was to shoot one for my project 52. Among couple nice ones, I selected this photo. I hope you like reflexions like I do.

PROJECT 52 – Week 32

From Dust to Dust
When I took this photo on Križevac Hill (in Medjugorje), I had one sentence on my mind:
”By the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat until you return to the ground from which you were made. For you were made from dust, and to dust you will return.” (Genesis 3:19)

Križevac is a hill above Medjugorje (520 m). On its top the parishioners 15th of march 1934, raised 8.56 meters high reinforced concrete cross on which was written:
”Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the human race, as a sign of their faith, love and hope, in
reminiscence of 1900 year anniversary of the Passion of Jesus. ”

PROJECT 52 – Week 31

Youth Fest 2013
Every year Međugorje holds an international youth prayer festival. This year was the 24th.
Youth prayer meeting in Medjugorje 31.7 to 6.8. every year. More than 50.000 youths and 400 priests from the whole world. Pray, testimonies, music, procession with candles, adoration, concert, dance… Spiritual life for young people.
This year was my first, 35 years old and attending my very first youth fest.
Since I had to work during the day, I only went to evening service.
With this photo I wanted to capture the atmosphere in Međugorje in the time of the Holy Mass.