PROJECT 52 – Week 23

Hidden Beach
A perfect place to run away from stress at work, and enjoy the scenery that nature has provided for us.
Makarska, Croatia
Long exposure


PROJECT 52 – Week 22

Father and Son
My friend and his son David, on the day of his christening (baptism).

PROJECT 52 – Week 21

Lady Artist
This is, as you can see a portrait. Portrait of my friend Kristina, who is an artist, painter. I took the photo for her portrait for one book of songs, she was illustrating. She wanted me to catch her in her creative mess.

PROJECT 52 – Week 20

Acapella group singing concertΒ  (traditional Dalmatian acapella singing) – TERCA NA BRIJEGU. Woman’s klapa DIVA, organized this concert in Ε iroki Brijeg on 15/05/2013.
Beautiful traditional singing πŸ™‚

PROJECT 52 – Week 19

Dot the I
This photo I took during one of my long walks, after hard days work at a construction site in Makarska.
the Sun looks like a perfect dot on the ”i” impersonated by crane.
On of my favorite sunsets.

PROJECT 52 – Week 18

Peaceful Swing
This simple wooden swing (located in the saint Francis garden in Medjugorje), got my attention with its nice geometry and its shaddow. It looks that the Sun had made its composition and all that’s left, was someone to see it and capture it.
I just had that luck. πŸ™‚

PROJECT 52 – Week 17

Colors of Spring
Beginning of the spring.
I took this photo on a meadow, located around 5 kilometers east of my town. We call this place ”Mostarsko Blato”

PROJECT 52 – Week 16

A Beautiful Smile
My girfriend and me went to Split (Croatia) during one weekend to do some shoping.
We stopped near the Chatedral for a cup of coffee, and some rest. She gave me a gift with her beautiful smile. So that’s the short story behind this photo. πŸ™‚
It’s important not to forget to smile, because one smile can make your whole day better.