Beach Walking

Beach Walking
Sea and the beaches of Makarska inspired me again to take some photos. After long day at a construction site this photo walk has been really relaxing and inspiring.


One Sunny day on a Pier

As the title says – one sunny day on a Pier.
Location Makarska, the umbrella skeleton looked very interesting to me, it got my attention.

Looking for a Shade on a Cloudy day

Looking for a Shade on a Cloudy Day
Somewhere on the Adriatic coastline.
It started raining about 2 minutes after taking this photo.

By the Old Mill

PROJECT 52 – Week 6
I must say that I just love long exposures.
I have taken this photo in Borak, wellhead of river Listica from which all the people of Siroki Brijeg have drinking water


Beautiful and cold winter day.
The Sun, old leafless oaks, snow and one solitary grave on a place called ”Misiste” in Bile, about 20 kilometers west of Mostar

Feelin Free

Feelin’ Free
Back to Split.
After lovely shopping time in City Center One, I went to Riva and took some photos. I waited for the sailboat to enter into composition that was in my mind. The birds were like silver glazing for my photo.

Rain Lights

Rain Lights
My first color photo in this project.
One day in january it started to rain, so I had this idea to shoot some nice bokeh lights behind the rainy window of my car. After about a dozen shoots, one came out just right and good. 🙂

Under the Old Oak Tree

Under the old oak tree

Photo of the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Crkva Uznesenja Blazene Djevice Marije) in Siroki Brijeg, photographed behind and under one hundred year old oak tree

Stormy Lighthouse

Stormy Lighthouse

Photo of the Lighthouse in Split that I took a day after New Year celebration. Very special day for me 🙂